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Tuesday, 28 September 2010 09:00

Data Stewardship is the willingness to be accountable for a set of business information for the well-being of the larger organization

 by operating in service, rather than in control of those around us.

by operating in service, rather than in control of those around us. In any organization, there are Data Stewards as the data is being defined, produced and used as we speak. Every organization has multiple applications that produce, consume or translate data. Data stewardship is nothing but formalizing that some one owns and is responsible for a piece of data; some one is user of that etc.

Simply defined, metadata is "data about data." Metadata is the background information, which describes the content, quality, condition, and other appropriate characteristics of the data. When map data are in a digital form, metadata is equally as important, but its development and maintenance often require a more conscious effort on the part of data producers and the chain of subsequent users who may modify the data to suit their particular needs.

Every major organization has significant reconciliation, semantic and integration challenges that can make or break customer-facing programs. Having someone accountable for the definition, quality and traceability of customer data is no longer a luxury, but a legal and competitive mandate and a need for formalizing the Data steward identification and roles.

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